While Saoirse Ronan has repeatedly been tied to the role of Sue Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, its possible that she may be cast for any number of other projects she's also rumored for beforehand, including Star Wars: Episode VII. Because of that, another name has started to pop up, with Orange Is the New Black supporting cast mate Samira Wiley being eyed as the leading lady for this 20th Century Fox Marvel adventure.

Also repeatedly rumored is Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, who is apparently the only person 20th Century Fox is looking at for the role. Haddie's ex-boyfriend seems a lock for the iconic character. Before this Samira Wiley news started to make headlines, many wondered how Saoirse Ronan and Michael B. Jordan could still be portrayed as brother and sister, with mixed-race parents and adoption helping to explain away the differences in skin tone. Now, it seems that 20th Century Fox might step up and actually cast two African Americans for this superhero duo, which adheres to the biological relationship as seen in the original comic books.

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Samira Wiley isn't admitting that she is up for the role of Sue Storm. She did address the rumors, though, and seems excited by the idea.

"I saw the articles on the Internet with my name being thrown in the mix and I'm super surprise, honored and excited about it. Just having my name be there and the possibility of that would be amazing. It's nice to have my name in that mix with all those wonderful actress."

When asked if there was any truth to the rumors, the actress played coy. She then admitted that she hadn't tested yet, but again, we know that she could very well be telling a bold faced lie.

"No, not as of yet but hopefully we can see what's going on with that. It would be amazing and the fact that we are talking about it shows how far we have come. That I can even dream about being an African American actress in 2013 and what the possibilities are and thankful to everyone that has come before me."

What do you think of Samira Wiley as Sue Storm? She steals the show on Orange Is the New Black, so we think she could also do this part some justice. And the studios have long toyed with casting African American actors in characters that were originally caucasian. Someone needs to finally pull the trigger and let it happen already, so that the controversy can die down and become non-news.