Back in January of 2009, we reported on a project called Samson, which puts a futuristic, superhero spin on the biblical character who is granted superhuman strength by God to combat his enemies. Now that the script is nearly completed, and production is moving ahead at Warner Bros.

Here's what screenwriter Scott Silver (The Fighter) recently had to say about Samson, which seems to be a wholly new take on the mythos.

"I'm finishing up something completely different, a superhero movie set in the future for Warner Brothers. It's an original superhero."

Francis Lawrence is still attached to direct the project, with Erwin Stoff producing. Scott Silver also revealed that the idea came about during a period where it looked like The Fighter might not be made, when Brad Pitt was originally set to star.

"At some point when the movie fell apart, we had Brad Pitt attached and we couldn't get it made. I was like, 'I literally have the cliché of having a script that can't get made with Brad Pitt. I have to do something that people want to get made.' So this producer Erwin Stoff and Francis Lawrence and I came up with a superhero based sort of on Samson set in the future. It's an original superhero and we were fortunate enough to sell it to Warner Brothers. I've been dealing with sci-fi shit and superhero stuff, which is all new to me."

Since the script isn't completed yet, it isn't known if Warner Bros. will actually give the green light for Samson to start production.