Samsung has unleashed the first ever 3D LED movie screen in Switzerland, which could be the eventual future theater experience for moviegoers. Currently, most movie theaters still use projector technology, be it for film or digital projection of movies, depending on the situation. But Samsung is looking to update that in a big way with their Samsung Cinema LED displays, which boast some pretty impressive technical specs and can bring a truly modern, high-tech screen to moviegoers.

This particular 3D version of the Samsung Cinema LED screen was recently debuted at the Arena Cinemas' Sihlcity theater in Switzerland. It measures 33.8 feet wide and 17.7 feet high, with nearly 9 million pixels, meaning this thing comes with very sharp 4K resolution. Samsung also says the screen features brightness levels nearly 10 times greater than the common cinema standard, which gives it the ability to showcase bright colors, pristine whites and deep blacks. Here's what Seog-gi Kim, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, had to say about the new theater screen.

"Samsung is thrilled to be able to debut the world's first 3D Cinema LED screen in Switzerland. We hope that more movie-goers can experience the Cinema LED screen firsthand as we look to partner with more theaters around the world."

There are a few angles to consider with something like this. It's certainly a lot fancier and more high-tech than what most movie theaters are currently using. As movie theaters struggle to find ways to keep business flowing, given the rise of streaming services and immensely improved quality of the home movie viewing experience in recent years, they need to find ways to make the actual theater experience worthwhile. Could these LED theater screens do the trick? Even if they can, it sounds like a rather expensive trick, and that expense would almost definitely be passed on to the consumer. But maybe some moviegoers would be willing to pay a premium for the experience? Here's what Eduard Stöckli, owner of Arena Cinemas, had to say about the new screen.

"Zurich is one of Europe's burgeoning hubs for the film industry, and an optimal location to introduce a pioneering technology like the Cinema LED screen to the region. The display's streamlined design also allows our Sihlcity theater to remove its projector closet, making room for additional seats and allowing us to deliver a more complete, comfortable and innovative setting for our guests."

While this sounds like an expensive improvement for theaters who would want to add such a thing, it could help provide a reason for people to go to the movies. But there are also cinema purists out there who certainly loathe the idea of seeing projectors taken out of movie theaters entirely. We'll have to wait and see if this is just something that winds up in a few theaters, or if high-tech LED screens start to become more commonplace, but Samsung is definitely trying to shake up the moviegoing experience right now.

Samsung 3D LCD movie screen