Samsung has pulled back some Blu-ray artillery.

In a story from Video Business, it seems that the manufacturer isn't going to be releasing "its high-end third-generation player, the BD-P2400, in order to better focus on its other new 2007 models."

They company didn't give a date for when the BD-P2400 would surface.

Also, "Samsung has confirmed a mid-to-late December launch of its dual-format player, the BD-UP5000, which will be compliant with new Blu-ray Disc hardware requirements by the time titles featuring advanced Blu-ray technology, such as picture-in-picture interactivity, launch next year."

Currently, stores "have started selling Samsung's BD-P1400, which at $499 matches the lowest priced Blu-ray set-top player available, Sony's entry-level model."

Initially, "the BD-P2400 was expected to hit retail in November for $599. With the exception of the BD-P2400 being capable of handling one more audio technology, the two models feature nearly identical specifications, including 1080p video playback and Ethernet port connection."

"Samsung assessed its product lineup, and after discussions with our channel partners, decided to focus on the BD-P1400 and the BD-UP5000 to make its next-generation offerings more efficient," Samsung said in a statement. "As a result, the BD-P2400 was removed from the 2007 holiday lineup."

When it eventually comes out this model will be "BD Profile 1.1 Ready." Also, the "dual-format player will include the necessary internal machinery to handle titles that carry picture-in-picture interactivity. But the model will still need a firmware upgrade, which the manufacturer is promising to make available at the end of January."