Samsung and Netflix have teamed up to bring Blu-ray content right to your living room without having to go to the mailbox. According to Variety, Samsung will be equipping its new players with technology to allow users to download content from Netflix's Internet streaming service.

Samsung is not the first to make this foray into streaming with Netflix. LG recently put a similar BD player on the market last month, Roku Inc. is selling a set-top box to stream Netflix content right to your TV and XBox 360 will be compatable for streaming in the next few weeks. However, it was suggested that it might be possible for Samsung to embed this technology directly into their new television sets, although this wasn't confirmed.

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The technology will be used in two BD players already on the market, the BD-P2500 and BD-P2550. Current owners of these machines will be able to access the streaming via a free software upgrade and future players will come already equipped with the software.