First there were all those AICN rumors. Then came the fact that Marvel commissioned Sam Jackson's likeness for their Ultimate Nick Fury illustrations. Now, the producer of Iron Man confirms what we expected all along. This past weekend, while doing the junket rounds for Bratz: The Movie, producer Avi Arad told a number of journalists that Samuel L. Jackson was in fact playing Nick Fury in an Iron Man cameo. And that he was quite upset that the surprise had been ruined.

Tonight, while on the set of his new film Lakeview Terrace, Jackson was asked about the cameo and feigned amnesia, "After all the time and all the talking, how did it feel to finally play Nick Fury?"

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Sam's reply, "What?"

"Avi Arad said that a couple of days ago."

"Who said I did that?" Jackson continued to sound shocked, "Avi said that? I don't believe it."

"He told us at the Bratz: The Movie junket. He said it was the one secret he was supposed to keep, and that he is pissed that it got out."

Jackson still wasn't biting, "Tell him to call me..." He then laughed maniacally. Rumor has it that Jackson will be reprising the role of Nick Fury in The Avengers.