When RoboCop hits theaters in 2013, it'll likely be less satirical than the 1987 Paul Verhoeven original. Which means classic lines like "I'll buy that for a dollar!" Will be left on the floor of theaters past.

If that line were to come out of an actor's mouth in this upcoming reboot from director José Padilha, though, it would be delivered by Samuel L. Jackson.

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Intent on being in every big franchise ever known to man, Sam Jackson has boarded this sci-fi shoot-em-up opposite Joel Kinnaman as a big shot TV mogul named Pat Novak, a powerful force in the world inhabited by RoboCop.

The original featured many interstitial commercials and television parodies edited throughout the opening scenes of Alex J. Murphy's transformation into a cyborg officer on the Detroit Police Department. This casting news indicates that the reboot might involve similar scenes, or at least make a nod to this particular future's hyper-evolution in small screen entertainment.

RoboCop begins shooting in Toronto later this summer.