Three of today's leading animators have teamed up to form the production company, Frederator Films. According to Variety, their first project will be a feature version of the Cartoon Network series Samurai Jack.

This trio of animators include Fred Seibert, Kevin Kolde, and Eric Gardner. They plan on producing mostly 2-D animated features. All three will act as producers on the various projects that they have lined up.

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Original series creator Genndy Tartakovsky is set to write and direct the Samurai Jack film. Other projects being readied for production include The Neverhood, which is a claymation feature based on the DreamWorks videogame. Doug TenNapel, the man who thought up the game, is signed on to write and direct the feature. Frederator Films is also producing The Seven Deadly Sins, an urban/rap themed cartoon that will star Don King's voice.

None of the films have gone into production yet. They are only in the planning stages.

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