It looks like The Rock's dance card just got a little less full. That is because San Andreas 2, a sequel to the hit 2015 disaster movie, is no longer happening. At least according to one of the movie's stars, Alexandra Daddario, who starred alongside Dwayne Johnson in the flick. It will likely join the giant heap of Hollywood sequels that never came to be.

Alexandra Daddario is currently promoting the release of Die In a Gunfight. During a recent interview, she was asked about the possible San Andreas sequel which, at least at one point, was indeed in development at Warner Bros. For those hoping to see some more disaster movie goodness of this sort, don't hold your breath. Here's what Alexandra Daddario had to say about it.

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"It was mentioned to me several years ago when I went in to New Line. I don't think that the exec that I was speaking to is there anymore. But they had a draft written. As far as I know, it's not happening. It's been a long time. I don't think so. I think it was in development at one point, I should say. But that happens in Hollywood all the time."

San Andreas, directed by Brad Peyton, takes place after the infamous fault line of the same name finally gives way. This triggers a massive magnitude 9 earthquake in California, causing mass destruction and chaos. At the center of all this chaos, a search and rescue helicopter pilot (Dwayne Johnson) and his estranged wife must make their from Los Angeles to San Francisco to rescue their daughter. The movie also starred Carla Gugino and Paul Giamatti. Brad Peyton, who would then go on to re-team with The Rock on Rampage, was in the director's chair.

The movie earned a very solid $473 million at the global box office during its theatrical run in 2015. A sequel was initially revealed to be in development back in 2016. At the time, it was revealed that the plot would take place in the infamous Ring of Fire, with volcanoes being the source of danger this time. Brad Peyton, back in 2018, explained that he would be happy to do the movie but that he wasn't sure what the project's status ultimately was.

Dwayne Johnson remains one of the busiest men in Hollywood. His new Disney movie Jungle Cruise hits theaters this weekend and his big-budget original Netflix thriller Red Notice is set to arrive later this year. He also recently finished filming his long-gestating DC movie Black Adam, which is due out next year, with DC League of Super-Pets also in production. Not to mention the fact that he's consistently flirted with the idea of a run for president. This to say, he's busy and scheduling would have seemingly been an issue for San Andreas 2 anyhow. While the project may be dead for now, never say never. Stranger things have happened. This news comes to us via Collider.