The Sandlot is returning to theaters for its 25th anniversary this summer. Even though the movie wasn't what one would call a critical darling at the time of its release, it has endured in the hearts of fans and truly has gone on to become one of the quintessential baseball movies. It holds a special place in the hearts of many who grew up in the 90s and now, for the first time since its original release, the beloved flick is returning to theaters in wide release.

The upcoming re-release of The Sandlot will be for two days only on July 22 and 24. These special presentations will play at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. (local time) on Sunday, July 22, and at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 24. The event will be accompanied by an exclusive sneak preview of the upcoming Fox Sports documentary about the making of the movie as well. Many fans who have come to love the movie over the years have never had the chance to experience it in a theater, but now they'll have the opportunity.

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The Sandlot takes place in the early 1960's and fifth-grader Scotty Smalls (Tom Guiry) has just moved into town with his folks (Karen Allen and Denis Leary). Kids call him a dork, he can't even throw a baseball! But that changes when the leader of the neighborhood gang recruits him to play on the nearby sandlot field. It's the beginning of a magical summer of baseball, wild adventures, first kisses and fearsome confrontations with the dreaded beast and its owner (James Earl Jones) who live behind the left field fence. Soon nine boys have become best friends, Scotty is part of a team, and their leader has become a local legend.

The movie was originally released in April 1993 and was directed by David M. Evans. At the time, The Sandlot pulled in a somewhat respectable $33 million at the box office, but it's really kids who caught the movie later on cable or thanks to getting hold of it on VHS, perhaps from Blockbuster Video before they (mostly) went out of business that has helped turn the movie into something of a cult classic. The Sandlot 2 was released in 2005, though it didn't really managed to recapture the magic for the majority of fans.

Over the years, several Major League Baseball teams have paid tribute to the movie, with the Milwaukee Brewers recreating a scene earlier this year, showcasing just how impactful it has been. Tickets for The Sandlot screenings go on sale June 22. A full list of participating theaters has not yet been revealed, but it's expected that the movie will screen in hundreds of locations across the U.S. For more information on the event or to get tickets when they're made available, head on over to the Fathom Events website.