Sandra Bullock has made box office history as the first female to top-line a film crossing $200 million in U.S. box office receipts with her film The Blind Side. With competition from the likes of Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon and other notable female leads, this is no small feat, as films from those other leading ladies regularly deliver takes surpassing $100 million.

Only Roberts really got close to the $200 million mark with Pretty Woman, which landed nearly $180 million.

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Bullock, who is married to TV bad-boy and custom-cycle builder Jesse James, had a decent year in 2009, with 3 major titles hitting the big screen (and 2 of them available by the end of the year on disc). The Proposal reached nearly $164 million, while the sparsely attended All About Steve managed to barely surpass $30 million. Perhaps The Proposal got a bump from the 46 year-old Bullock's brief nude collision with the 12 year younger Ryan Reynolds. Amazingly, the stunning Ms. Bullock looks great (even undressed) and managed to play age-appropriate to Reynolds in that pic.

Bullock still trails Roberts, though, in total box office accounting, having delivered only $1.72 billion from her works compared to Roberts' $2.31 billion. Jolie brings up 3rd place with $1.44 billion, which could easily be doubled were she to spend as much time on screen as she spends traveling the third world.