Tim Allen has made his mark in a number of family-friendly movies, from the Toy Story franchise, where he played the role of Buzz Lightyear, to The Santa Clause series, where Allen appeared as jolly old Saint Nick. But the conditions for filming the latter movies were often far from jolly. In an interview with Kelly Clarkson, Allen revealed that once, while filming The Santa Clause 2, the situation became so overwrought that he let out a massive F-bomb in front of his tween castmates.

"I'm not really a big fan of children. I have them. I like mine, kind of. I don't like other people's children... It was like cats. They wouldn't leave me alone. I'm dressed like Santa Claus. I look like him. We had a North Pole set. We used real children. In one scene in a submarine, we're looking, we're waiting for the North Pole, and the Air Force is flying over the North Pole. They had a sonar beacon, and I said, 'Hey, we gotta be quiet.' And these two kids were fighting in the back. It was late in the afternoon, in the [suit] way too long. I'm very angry, sweaty... These kids again, [were saying], 'He hit me, he pinched me. Fifteen takes later, the kids said one more word, and I let out the loudest F-bomb. And I turned around, and there are 12 children who look like you had ripped their legs off. Their Santa has just screamed the F-bomb."
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Naturally, the children were more than a little shaken to hear Father Christmas using the kind of language that would guarantee him a spot on the naughty list. According to Allen, his outburst led to Disney execs moving in quickly to assuage the young actors, explaining to the children that the word Santa had used was actually another way of saying "holiday trim". The tactic was far from successful, as Allen admitted, "Kids didn't buy it. Nobody bought it. I never did that again. I realized I shocked these poor kids."

And that, kids, is why they say you should never meet your heroes. Still, despite the small hiccup, filming continued, and the finished movie went on to be a big Christmas movie hit, prompting the studio to greenlight a third and final movie in the franchise, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.

While that was the last time Tim Allen returned to the role of Santa onscreen, the actor made headlines last year when photos of him appeared online in which he was seen sporting a lockdown beard and mustache that would make Santa proud. Allen himself got in on the fun when he posted a picture of his new facial hair with the humorous note that it was the start of his transformation from an ordinary civilian into Saint Nick, just like in the movie.