Tim Allen has been in the news quite a bit lately, mostly over the cancellation of his ABC show, Last Man Standing, but now, the 64-year old has shared a funny story from the set of Disney's The Santa Clause in which he lost his patience and used some foul language in front of children. Last Man Standing was canceled after 6 seasons in May and Tim Allen believes the reasoning behind the cancellation was politically motivated. Allen, a vocal Donald Trump supporter, believes that ABC canceled the show because he was portraying a 'likeable' conservative character.

The actor is clearly still angry with ABC's decision to cancel the show, but he had time to share a funny story from the set of The Santa Clause while he was on the Norm Macdonald Live show earlier this week. Allen set up the story by talking about how amazing the sets were for Disney's The Santa Clause, maintaining how realistic everything looked and mentioned that the children on the set would ask him a lot about Santa Claus and his elves. Apparently, he told the kids that the elves eat reindeer meat and that Santa enjoys milk and cookies to take the edge off of his Jack and Coke.

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Tim Allen recalled the filming of the Jerry Bruckheimer opening of The Santa Clause. He remembered just how hard it was to complete because of some misbehaving child actors on set. Allen explains.

"We're doing a Jerry Bruckheimer opening with a periscope, and it was a big opening where the camera comes around, catches me and the North Pole. Bruckheimer helped us set up this big shot, it was a great deal. And then there's four kids behind me, they're just in the background. But it's always, I came from seven boys, two girls, it's always the big one and the little one pinching each other."

As it turns out, the children started to cause disruptions on the set, leading to multiple takes and disgruntled members of the cast and crew. Allen went on to say.

"We've already established these kids (in the shot), so you can't stop this whole thing. And the big kid (kept pinching) the little one, and they're like 'He pinched me first!' And I'm like 'Guys, it doesn't matter.' That's take #27. Just gotta get around to get me, I do a blink at the camera, the kids are right here, and we've already established them."

Eventually, it became too much for the actor to take. Allen had this to say.

"It gets right to here, we're two seconds from cut, and the kid (goes) 'He pinched me again!' And I just went 'F%$k!' And the whole set went quiet, and in the ear piece, you can hear 'Santa just said "F%$k."'

The whole production came to a screeching halt because Santa Claus just unleased the mother of all expletives in front of a bunch of children. Disney had to come in and bat cleanup for Tim Allen, telling the children that they misunderstood him and that he said something in Swedish that meant, "let's take a break." Allen concluded by saying that he had learned his lesson that day.

Tim Allen did three installments of The Santa Clause from 1994 to 2006 and the movies are holiday staples for families and fans of the actor/comedian. One has to wonder what Conservative Tim Allen thinks of Disney's decision to reboot The Santa Clause franchise with a female Santa Claus starring Anna Kendrick and Shirley MacLaine. Regardless of Allen's thoughts on the reboot, you can watch the actor recount his story about dropping an F-bomb on the set courtesy of Norm MacDonald Live below.