Tim Allen's Santa-like beard was trending on social media for Christmas after one poll crowned the star of The Santa Clause as the best fictional Santa. Back in 1994, Allen starred in the original installment of the holiday movie franchise as Scott Calvin, an everyman who magically turns into Santa Claus after inadvertently killing the real Saint Nick. Part of the transformation includes growing a large, white beard that grows back instantly if it's shaved.

In November, Allen posted a photo of himself on Twitter revealing that he was growing out his beard. Although it's not fully white like in the movie, the actor is looking a lot like his version of Santa Claus in the image. "Woke up this morning and noticed a bit more stubble. This always happens to me as I transition to you no who this Christmas," Allen wrote in the caption.

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On the Christmas holiday, the tweet began to make the rounds again on social media with fans of The Santa Clause celebrating the classic holiday movie. This wasn't particularly surprising, as there were certainly a lot of people out there watching one (or all three} of The Santa Clause movies in commemoration of this year's holiday season. The photo of Allen seemingly in mid-transformation also helped provide a small source of joy to what has been an unconventional Christmastime.

Additionally, a recent Twitter poll from Unilad also quizzed moviegoers on their favorite fictional Santa Claus, and Allen's Scott Calvin was able to pick up the win. Some of the other names included as part of the poll were Kurt Russell (The Christmas Chronicles), Richard Attenborough (Miracle on 35th Street), Paul Giamatti (Fred Claus), and Leslie Nielsen (Santa Who?). In the final round, Allen won by a landslide over Billy Bob Thornton (Bad Santa) and Jim Broadbent (Get Santa).

The Santa Clause was an incredibly big success when it was released, instantly becoming one of the all-time most popular Christmas movies. Despite its financial and critical success, it would be eight years before Allen reprised the role, which he did in 2002's The Santa Clause 2. This time, Santa must find himself a "Mrs. Clause" before the next Christmas Eve, which he finds in school principal Carol Newman (Elizabeth Mitchell). The sequel was also very successful at the box office.

In 2006, Tim Allen returned to the role of Saint Nick for one last time in The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. The story follows Santa as he tries to stop Jack Frost (Martin Short) from taking over the North Pole, all the while dealing with Mrs. Claus's parents. The movie was a big hitter at the box office, as with its previous installments, but the reviews just weren't quite as strong, perhaps stalling any potential plans to make a fourth movie.

Still, seeing Allen and The Santa Clause trending on Twitter this week has inspired some fans to begin calling for another installment. "Hear me out okay... Santa Clause 4... Charlie becomes Santa, it's golden... million dollar idea. You can thank me later," suggests one fan.

"Need a Santa Clause 4," another tweet bluntly reads in response to Allen's photo.

Time will tell if The Santa Clause 4 ever gets made, but as Allen is really starting to look the part more than ever even without special effects, now seems to be a wonderful time for it. The favorite Santa poll was conducted by Unilad on Twitter.