A popular theme in Christmas movies is the non-believer. Basically, a Christmas movie starts off and a character, for whatever reason, loses their love the holidays. Or, the movie might open with them already not loving "the most wonderful time of the year," but eventually they get on board with the reason for the season. Now, all of this is fine. It's certainly okay to question how consumerism has taken over the holiday spirit. However, when dealing with young kids, toddlers for example, wouldn't it be nice if we could keep the holiday cheer going for as long as possible.

Let's face it, todays babies are going to grow up to be tomorrows adults. They don't really need to know that Santa Claus does or doesn't exist. That is something that they are certainly going to decide on their own. With talk of trade wars, nuclear wars, and just a general lack of interest in people who need help, do we really need uplifting movies to take a dark turn?

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This list is meant as an antidote for that. These films are Santa Safe. They are holiday movies that preserve the notion that, indeed, it really is better to give than receive. They show kids that maybe we see people in need and don't judge them. That we look at those who are in less fortunate circumstances and we ask how we can help instead of, "How did you get yourself into this mess?"

These films also showcase a variety of characters. There's some of Disney's finest players (almost de rigueur for a list of this nature), some new faces, and even a monkey or two thrown in for good measure. They are fun and, best of all, these titles keep the mood light. A young person isn't going to watch movies like this and suddenly wonder why they are celebrating the holidays. At the same time, they will come to understand greater human truths that will benefit them later in life.

Now, this might all seem like lofty goals for a movie list. The films on this list certainly aren't the only Santa Safe titles in existence. What they are is a bridge to more mature films later in the life. The kinds of films that make us think and ask questions about ourselves. Those films are deeper, richer, and oftentimes affirm the faith of the viewer. However, "5 Movies for Kids That Are Santa Safe on Netflix," is a solid starting point for building what we hope is a life-long foundation for young people's movie watching. Tis the season, indeed!

Santa Claws

Santa movies on Netflix #1

Santa Claws is a delightful little tale that will bring out your inner meow. This story follows Ole Saint Nick as he is given an allergic reaction by a bunch of kittens. (Who knew that the jolly man in red was allergic to dander?) Well, can Christmas be cancelled? Can it be postponed or moved to a date when Santa is feeling more up for the busiest night of the year? No! So the kittens in question, realizing that they have caused Santa to be laid up, requisition Santa's sleigh and proceed to keep Christmas alive. See? Netflix shows that it is possible to put Christmas in jeopardy without making it an existential dilemma. Santa Claws is a fun film that is filled with many real moments of laughter, joy, and heartfelt emotion. Your kids can watch this and you can have peace of mind knowing it is Santa Safe.

Beethoven's Christmas Adventure

Santa movies on Netflix #2

How can there be anything that isn't Santa Safe about a holiday film titled, Beethoven's Christmas Adventure? This thing almost screams toddlers, doesn't it? This film doesn't involve a crisis of faith in the holidays. Rather it shows what happens when people only think about their own self-interests. In Beethoven's Christmas Adventure, everybody's favorite Saint Bernard is tasked with making sure that Christmas happens when a nefarious elf puts together an evil plot to steal Santa's gifts. As you can guess, Beethoven isn't going to sit on the sidelines and let this stand. Beethoven's Christmas Adventure plays out pretty much the way you expect a film like this might. It is filled with twists, turns, and enough holiday schmaltz to make you happy you spent a bit of time with this four legged friend. Netflix, you've certainly kept things Santa Safe with this one!

Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse

Santa movies on Netflix #3

Alright, we're two films deep into this Santa Safe movies for kids list and this is the first Disney movie we're talking about. Considering the lock the Mouse House has on everything (and we mean everything), that is truly no small feat. Mickey's Magic Christmas: Snowed In at the House of Mouse, ironically, might be the film on this list that most pushes my strict Santa Safe guidelines. However, rest assured that it never really calls Ole Saint Nick into question. Any issues the characters may have with the holidays are easily remedied in this 61 minute animated extravaganza from Netflix. In Mickey's Magic Christmas: Snowed In at the House of Mouse, Mickey, Donald and all their homies are snowed in together. Rather than let this dampen their holiday spirits, these resourceful characters decide to throw a party. As you can imagine it showcases jokes, sight gags, and all the whimsical animated moments that Disney films have made so famous over the years. Rich in holiday spirit and soaked in the importance of family, Mickey's Magic Christmas: Snowed In at the House of Mouse is a Santa Safe film for any time of year.

Bob's Broken Sleigh

Santa movies on Netflix #4

At 46 minutes Bob's Broken Sleigh might just be the sleeper film on this Netflix list. The story is succinct, pleasant, and also quite unique for this time of year. Bob wants to be the best elf he can be. So much so that he decides that he can make Santa's sleigh a bit more efficient. Well things don't go as planned and Bob soon finds himself piloting and crashing the sleigh all in one fell swoop. So now, not only is Bob in trouble for messing with the sleigh, but things are even more dire because that sleigh is needed to make Christmas happen. With some help from a few new friends, Bob soon finds himself with a shot to make it home. Now this is a Christmas tale done right. It doesn't question the believability of Santa. It doesn't diss the holiday because of how consumer-centric the whole thing is. No, Bob's Broken Sleigh is a fun tale about an earnest elf trying to make good, and all the problems that arise because of that. This film is so Santa Safe you'll want them to diss Ole Saint Nick!

Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas

Santa movies on Netflix #5

What would the holidays be without Curious George? In Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas, the story is simple, fun, and truly in keeping with the theme of the holidays. Basically, George and his sidekick, the Man in the Yellow Hat, are having one heck of a holiday good time. Things change when they can't decide which gifts to buy one another. As you might imagine this is quite the dilemma for these two besties. Now, this might seem like a sad state of affairs when the only plot point is two characters figuring out what gift to buy each other, but I am here to say that Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas works. This 57 minute film from Netflix is delicious and your kids will find it imminently re-watchable. It is Santa Safe to the highest degree and it's the sort of movie that stays with long you after you've seen it. So sit back and enjoy this film and know that it's got something for the entire family.