Tomorrow night, millions of children around the world will try to stay up as late as they possibly can, just so they can get a glimpse of Santa Claus himself. Two Greek filmmakers named Dionysis & Manos Atzarakis have provided us with their new short film dubbed simply Santa, which may cause anyone, young or old, to think twice about waking up in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. Take a look at the filmmakers' statement below.

"We are a group of filmmakers from Greece and a few months ago we released a short 90-second horror film called Santa. It's a short horror tale with a different take on Santa Claus. Seeing as we are approaching Christmas we thought we'd let you know about our film just in case you might find it suitable for sharing with your audience at this time of the year."

Set on Christmas Eve, the short follows a young girl who is awakened by the sound of Santa in her living room. What she finds standing there is something she can barely comprehend. And she doesn't have time to, either... Achilleas Sakelariou, Maria Olympiu and Apostolis Tampaksis star in this innovative short film, which you can learn more about through the official Facebook page. If you're tired of the same old movies chocked full of "holiday cheer," then the chilling Santa may be right up your alley. Take a look at the 90-second short film below, along with the poster and two photos.

Santa Short Poster
Santa Short Photo 1
Santa Short Photo 2