Actress Saoirse Ronan has joined The Order of the Seven for Walt Disney Pictures, which was previously titled Snow and the Seven.

The project was initially set up as a martial arts take on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs over a decade ago. The project has since been reworked, cutting all ties to the fairy tale. Saoirse Ronan will portray Olivia Spencer, a British expatriate in Hong Kong, who finds protection with a group of outlaw warriors. When an evil empress comes into power, Olivia helps the warriors reclaim their royal ties to the kingdom.

Commercials director Michael Gracey is making his directorial debut with The Order of the Seven, working from a new script written by Jayson Rothwell and Michael DeBruyn. Screenwriter Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3) and director Francis Lawrence were previously attached to the project. Michael Chabon wrote the original draft back in 2002.

Production is scheduled to commence this fall. It is said that Disney is hoping to raise the international appeal of The Order of the Seven by casting well-known stars from China, Russia, and Japan to play the warriors.