D.E.B.S.: Sara Foster (The Big Bounce) and Jordana Brewster (The Fast and the Furious) will star in D.E.B.S., Screen Gems' feature version of Angela Robinson's comedy short that debuted at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival, reports Variety. Robinson directs her own script, with filming beginning this week.

The film is about a quartet of plaid-skirted high school girls whose SAT scores display an exceptional aptitude for lying, cheating and killing, so they are drafted to be secret agents.

Foster portrays the leader of the D.E.B.S., while Brewster is her bad-girl counterpart. Devon Aoki (2Fast 2Furious), Meagan Good (Biker Boyz) and Jill Ritchie are the other D.E.B.S. members.

Ritchie, who's the sister of Kid Rock, reprises the role she played in the short. Michael Clarke Duncan plays the D.E.B.S. Academy president, while Holland Taylor (The Practice) is the headmistress.

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