You can bring home an interesting new horror film home on DVD this September. Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour will be released on DVD on September 9. The disc will be priced at $24.96 SRP. The film stars Alessandra Daniele, Rissa Walters and Brian Comrie

Far away from home, in the small town of Pine Valley, Sarah Landon finds herself all alone, staying in the guesthouse of her late friend's grandmother. When she promised to visit, she didn't realize she wouldn't be staying in the main house, and she didn't realize that the guesthouse was haunted. Or at least it seems that way with all the strange things that are going on in there. But that soon becomes the least of the 17-year-old's worries. When she learns of the town's dark secret, she finds herself in the middle of a haunting mystery that involves two brothers, the local psychic, and an evil spirit. The big question soon becomes, what will happen between midnight and 1 A.M.?

Special Features

- Frida's Psychic Readings Game