Coming off his success in the hit Birdman, Michael Keaton hosted NBC's Saturday Night Live over the weekend. His monologue was memorably interrupted by cast members Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan, who asked the legendary actor to reprise his roles as Batman and Beetlejuice. Unfortunately for them, their song-and-dance didn't go quite as planned, when Jay Pharoah interrupts dressed as characters from both of those hit movies.

While Michael Keaton ultimately declines to play both Batman and Beetlejuice, Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan took the liberty of shooting their own Batman and Beetlejuice parodies, using backstage footage of Michael Keaton and crude special effects. When the entire cast comes on stage, dressed in either Batman or Beetlejuice t-shirts, Michael Keaton finally gives the fans what they want.

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This episode of Saturday Night Live marked the third time he has hosted the show, following hosting stints from 1982 and 1992. Do you think Michael Keaton will be asked to host more after this weekend's episode? Take a look at the full monologue below, and chime in with your thoughts.