Saturday Night Live kicked off season 46 with a parody of last week's presidential debate, pitting Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump against Jim Carrey's Joe Biden. Though Baldwin has been playing Trump on the sketch comedy series for years, Saturday night marked the first time Biden was played by Carrey. Given the controversy of the debate, it seemed more than likely that it would be spoofed on SNL, which presents the sketch as a "rebroadcast" of the actual debate between Biden and Trump.

"The following is a re-broadcast of Tuesday's presidential debate," a wall of text reads at the start of the cold open segment. "Even though Tuesday feels like 100 days ago. We thought it was important to see it again, since it might be the only presidential debate."

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As Chris Wallace, Beck Bennett first introduces Trump. Acknowledging the recent revelation that the president is sick, Wallace asks if Trump took the test he promised to take in advance. "Absolutely, scout's honor," Trump says, clearly crossing his fingers.

Jim Carrey's Joe Biden comes out soon after, wearing a beaming smile and the former vice president's signature aviators. He uses a tape measure to ensure that there are six feet between himself and President Donald Trump, before scooting his podium a few feet further away. Once he's behind the podium, Wallace asks if he's ready to go.

"Absolutely not," Biden replies. "I've got the beginning of 46 thoughts. Now let's do this! I'll be holding my bladder, let's get 'adder."

The rest of the sketch mimics the real debate, with both candidates frequently shouting over one another. Still, each actor finds moments to mock the candidates. This includes another barb from Alec Baldwin about Trump's recent diagnosis, referring to the illness as a "hoax" and adding, "That statement will not come back to haunt me later this week."

Jim Carrey also recreated the famous moment from the debate when Biden told Trump, "Will you just shut up, man?" Biden continues to grow increasingly agitated during the debate sketch as Trump cuts him off and insults him at every turn.

"Don't do it Joe," he says to himself at one point. "That's what he wants. Don't let your inner Whitey Bulger come out. Just flash them all that smile they taught you in anger management."

The skit also includes a special appearance from Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris, a role she just won an Emmy for playing. Baldwin has similarly won an Emmy for his years-long portrayal of President Donald Trump. Chances are, we'll be seeing a lot more of Carrey as Biden in upcoming episodes, and he just might be in the running to win some gold for the role as well.

The new episode of SNL was hosted by Chris Rock with Megan Thee Stallion as the musical guest. Bill Burr will host the next episode with Morgan Wallen as the musical guest on Oct. 10, followed by Issa Rae and Justin Bieber on Oct. 17. Anyone interested in watching classic episodes of the show from the past 45 seasons can do so now on the streaming service Peacock. The presidential debate parody video comes to us from Saturday Night Live on YouTube.