The Walking Dead aired its Season 5 finale last weekend, which was watched by 15.8 million viewers. During the Weekend Update segment of Saturday Night Live this weekend, Pete Davidson gave fans his "spoiler-free recap" of the finale, which included a surprise appearance by The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon. As you can see in the video below, Daryl confuses Pete Davidson for a zombie, using his crossbow to "take out" the "walker."

Before Norman Reedus made his appearance, Pete Davidson revealed that he believes the zombie apocalypse is really coming, and that he fears for his life because he may be confused for a zombie, since he smokes too much weed. He goes on to describe that, when he's stoned, he demonstrates all of the typical signs of zombie behavior. Of course, his point is "proven" when an arrow is shot into his chest, before Norman Reedus appears on stage.

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This was Norman Reedus' first appearance on Saturday Night Live, and given how immensely popular The Walking Dead has become, perhaps this may lead the way to the actor actually hosting the show himself. Do you think Norman Reedus would be a great Saturday Night Live host? Let us know what you think after watching the video below.