Fans of Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer rejoice! Director Savage Steve Holland is finally returning to the big screen after eighteen years. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Holland is planning on directing the film The Big One 3.

The film is said to compliment Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer, making it a trilogy of sorts.

Hmm, where does that leave How I Got into College? That was the original follow up to the trilogy. I guess that film is being discounted.

This new script revolves around a father's quest to make his son's thirteenth birthday party the best one ever. Producer Warren Zide stated, "This is based on a true events in Savage's life. When he was a kid, he had his 13th birthday party and the only one that showed up was a clown, and all that that guy did was hit on his sister."

Shooting is scheduled to begin this fall in New Orleans.