The hashtag #SaveGotham is trending on Twitter as fans band together in an attempt to revive the Batman prequel series. Originally premiering on Fox in 2014, the show concluded its run after five seasons in 2019. There's been no indication that the world of Gotham will ever be expanded with some kind of continuation or spinoff series, but that isn't stopping thousands of fans from trying to make it happen.

"This show was the highlight of my week for the years it was on," tweeted one fan. "It wasn't always perfect, but it provided a much-needed escape from reality that I would like to have again."

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I'm gonna say it again...#SaveGotham," another fan said. "It might go down in DC history as one of the best Batman series. It pays homage to the legacy of these characters while also having an original concept not seen in the Batman mythos."

Eager to particularly see more of Cory Michael Smith as the Riddler, one fan posted, "Riddler's story was not finished! Plans for a backstory and Cory saying he would want Jim Carrey to play his dad is something we need to get. #SaveGotham."

I saw #SaveGotham trending, so I just wanted to remind everyone is has one of the best versions of the Penguin," says someone else, referring to Robin Lord Taylor's unforgettable performance in the role of Oswald Cobblepot.

Another Taylor fan concurs by writing: "my favorite Gotham character is oswald cobblepot, i loved him from the beginning, plus robin lord taylor's performance is perfect #SaveGotham."

In the first two seasons, Nicholas D'Agosto played Harvey Dent, the district attorney of Gotham City who becomes the villain Two-Face in Batman lore. His transformation never happened during Gotham's five season run, and at least one fan wants to save the show just to see a proper introduction of Two-Face. One tweet reads: "#SaveGotham Harvey Dent's story has yet to be told."

And at least one fan simply sees the whole thing as another excuse to watch through the series by writing, "I didn't know #SaveGotham was going on, but I am 110% here for it. Do I need to rewatch the entire series, help bolster numbers?? (It's the perfect excuse)"

Developed for television by Bruno Heller, Gotham is set in the years before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, the savior of Gotham City. David Mazouz plays a young Bruce with Ben McKenzie also starring as James Gordon, a GCPD officer who serves as a mentor to Bruce. The show also starred Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth, Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin, Cory Michael Smith as the Riddler, Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle, Morena Baccarin as Lee Thompkins, and Cameron Monaghan as the Joker.

Gotham ended with Bruce suiting up as the Dark Knight for the very first time to fight crime on the streets. This means that a potential sixth season, or any kind of continuation, would be picking up with Batman finally in the picture. Time will tell if the series ever gets revived, with but WarnerMedia looking to expand the HBO Max library with more exclusive content, the possibility is always there. You can see many more fans rooting for the show's return on Twitter.