Just as the future of the Superman film franchise is being negotiated in the halls of DC Comics and Warner Brothers, another effort is going forth to maintain a crucial part of the history behind the Man of Steel. Over at Ordinary People Change The World, a group of comic creators and celebrities are trying to save the Siegel family home in Cleveland, Ohio. This is the very same home where two young men, Jerry Siegel and Jerome Shuster, created Superman.

The state of the house was uncovered by Brad Meltzer, who was doing research into the creators of Superman for his novel The Book of Lies. As he related the news to his colleagues, it was decided that a location so vital to the creation of superheroes needed to be preserved, and as such the Siegel and Shuster Society was created.

So, how can you help?

Well, there are one-of-a-kind items that are currently up for auction, including artwork from such comic book legends as Dave Gibbons, Jim Lee and George Perez. Or, if the price of the auctioned items is a bit rich for you, you can just purchase Siegel & Shuster Society merchandise, such a hats, t-shirt, coffee mugs and travel bags. Or if you simply want to make a charitable contribution to preserving the birthplace of the modern superhero, you can donate here.

Here is your opportunity to help save the place where Superman was born. Remember that if it were not for Superman, there very likely would never have been a Batman, a Spider-Man, an Iron Man, or any of the other superheroes who have spawned so many comic books, films, television shows and video games. Take the time to save the home so that it can be preserved for future generations to visit and say "This is where it all started."

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