He might be much older now, but as the title of his Funny or Die web-series suggests, Zack Morris is still trash. Previously, it had been reported that NBC was developing a Saved by the Bell sequel series for the Peacock streaming service with many key cast members returning.

That includes Mark-Paul Gosselaar as popular blonde Zack Morris, who will be revealed as the new Governor of California in the upcoming reboot series. As it turns out, however, a career in politics has apparently done very little to straighten out the edgy former high-schooler.

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Stepping back for just a minute to explain this for those uninitiated, the Zack Morris character is the subject of the popular web-series Zack Morris Is Trash. The concept of the series is that it uses Saved By the Bell clips with added commentary to explain why the popular sitcom character was in fact a downright terrible person. It's one of those things that maybe not everyone watching realized at the time, but especially when these things are laid out one after another in an ongoing web-series, it becomes impossible to ignore. Nowadays, the character is basically synonymous with "trash."

When the Saved By the Bell revival went into production, showrunner Tracey Wigfield was tasked with assembling the show's writers' room. Recognizing the popularity of the web-series, Wigfield brought in Zack Morris Is Trash executive producer Dashiell Driscoll to contribute. This is resulting in the older Zack being portrayed as a bit of a dirtbag, similar to how he was as a teenager, but that's great news for Gosselaar. "I'm a huge fan of [Zack Morris Is Trash]. And some of that is in [the revival], which I absolutely love: Zack Morris being a little offensive and sort of not being on the right side of things," the actor recently told TVLine.

The new Saved By the Bell will primarily follow a new group of students at Bayside High led by Josie Totah, but many original cast members are set to reprise their roles. Zack Morris plays a very big part in the set-up of the revival series, and it has also been confirmed Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley will also be returning.

Not everyone from the original series will be returning, however, as Lark Voorhies recently revealed she hadn't been invited to appear and felt slighted by the snub. Dustin Diamond has also publicly pleaded his case for producers to bring him back, arguing that a Saved By the Bell reboot needs to have Screech to be authentic.

There's no word yet on when exactly the new Saved By the Bell will begin streaming on the Peacock streaming service. It also remains to be seen if the new show will find similar success as the original series, which was a big hit at the time. Of course, if Full House can come back for five seasons worth of a revival, then the odds are pretty good for Saved By the Bell to do the same. This news comes to us from TVLine.