Filming is underway on the Saw Reboot and director Darren Lynn Bousman has shared the first set photo. We first head back in may that Chris Rock, yes the very famous comedian Chris Rock, had partnered up with Lionsgate for a fresh take on the long-running franchise. Things got much more interesting earlier this week when it was revealed that Samuel L. Jackson will be joining Rock amongst the cast. While many details are still being kept under wraps, Bousman did offer us the tiniest of looks at the action.

At this point, with things being so secretive, Darren Lynn Bousman, who previously directed Saw II, Saw III and Saw IV, can't show us much. He did, however, share an image of the clapboard from the set. The background is blurred out, so we can't ascertain too much about what's going on. But the board does have the working title "The Organ Donor" on it, which is something of a twisted joke for anyone who has seen one of these movies before. Bousman captioned the photo with the following.

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"And so it begins... #saw"

An official title still has yet to be announced. As far as plot goes, all that's really been revealed is that Chris Rock will be playing a cop who is investigating a series of grisly crimes. Samuel L. Jackson will play his dad and, beyond that, next to nothing else has come to light. The other announced cast members include Max Minghella (The Handmaid's Tale), who is on board as Rock's Partner, with Marisol Nichols (Riverdale) set to play Rock's boss.

The indication is that this movie will be made part of the continuity already in place and won't be a full-on reboot. While it's clear the filmmakers are trying to bring something new to the table, we won't be starting from scratch. Whether or not Tobin Bell will somehow be able to reprise his role as the iconic Jigsaw killer remains to be seen. We last witnessed Bell's infamous John Kramer in 2017's Jigsaw, which earned $103 million globally. While that was on the lower end for the series, it was still more than enough to be considered a success.

Saw was initially introduced to the world in 2004 as one of James Wan's early movies. Wan has since gone on to earn his place as a modern horror master and will serve as a producer on this new entry. The Saw franchise, which currently consists of eight entries, has proved to be a highly successful one for Lionsgate, as they've earned a combined $976 million at the box office. Not to mention DVD/Blu-ray sales, cable revenue and merchandise. And, quite frankly, Lionsgate doesn't have much in the way of active, successful franchises, so it's no wonder they're turning toward a reliable cash cow once again. Saw 9 is currently set to arrive in theaters on October 23, 2020. Be sure to check out the set photo from Darren Bousman's Instagram below.

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And so it begins... #saw

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