Bloody-Disgusting has discovered the first clip from Saw 3D, which will be released in theaters nationwide on October 29. Click below to watch the video, which features Sean Patrick Flanery's character Bobby Dangen displaying his scars from Jigsaw. Take a look below the clip as well for more information on some new viral websites:

The end of the clip displays two websites, Survivors of Jigsaw and The first website is a support group for those who have managed to escape the clutches of Jigsaw's wrath. There isn't much on the site, but the main page links back to, which has links to the character's blog, speaking engagements and you can even read excerpts from the character's book. There are also links to his Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

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Click on any of the links above to learn more about Bobby Dangen's character in Saw 3D