The original 2004 horror classic Saw is returning to theaters this Halloween for its tenth anniversary celebration. Shock Till You Drop recently sat down with producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules, and it was soon revealed that an all-new Saw is in the planning stages with the original creators.

While first-time director James Wan never jumped behind the camera for any of the sequels, he did go onto make his mark with other horror hits and action thrillers including the franchise spawning Insidious and The Conjuring, as well as Death Sentence and the upcoming Fast & Furious 7. His writing partner Leigh Whannell has done equally as well, writing and producing a number of box office hits, appearing in some of them as an actor, and setting out to make his directorial debut with Insidious Chapter 3. Now, it sounds like the duo are ready to return to the one that started it all.

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While the seventh installment Saw 3D promised to be the final film in the franchise, buzz about an eighth movie has never died down since Jigsaw last hit theater screens four years ago. Producer Oren Koules had this to say about the franchise's inevitable return:

"James and Leigh...when Saw came out they were so afraid of being 'the Saw guys'. And they were trying to make their own mark. Now that they've made their own mark, they're very comfortable to come back. We're getting there. James and Leigh are absolutely going to put their mark on it."

The two producers believe the time is right for a new Saw, but it probably won't be announced until Comic-Con 2016. It's also not yet known if this will be a reboot, a sequel or a mix of both. Will someone carry on Jigsaw's legacy? We'll have to wait and see, as producer Mark Burg exclaims,

"Who knows? We're getting closer."

The producers admit that its one of the reasons the original Saw is coming back to theaters on Friday, October 31. Explains producer Oren Koules:

"It's one of the reasons we agreed to do this again. We kind of wanted to build it up. Our goal is to go to Comic-Con, not next summer but the summer after [2016] with our heads up saying, 'Here we go.' James and Leigh are comfortable with the success they've had. And it's time. James is in post on his movie. Leigh's on post on [Insidious Chapter 3]. Everyone has time and it's time."

Shock Till You Drop later ran into James Wan, who wasn't as gung-ho on the idea, but didn't discount it none-the-less:

"I've entertained the idea. But that's more of a fantasy, I think. It's a story Leigh and I really like and...who knows?"