Saw: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Saw, the psychological thriller from Lions Gate Entertainment starring Cary Elwes, Danny Glover, Monica Potter and Leigh Whannel, is slated to hit video retail shelves February 15th, dead center in the middle of the post-holiday sales season.

Lions Gate president Steve Beeks said that he plans to execute the studio's largest marketing campaign to date -- committing about $10 million to the Saw effort. The film, which cost less then $2 million to make, has generated about $53.2 million at the domestic boxoffice, according to Lions Gate and industry sources.

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"While the boxoffice success of a film like this has been phenomenal, the real story is how 'Saw' generated a tremendous amount of word-of-mouth promotion thanks to a smart and unique script for its genre," Beeks said.