Last month, we reported that production has started on Saw: Legacy, with the first set photo that revealed someone had dug up the grave of John Kramer, a.k.a. Jigsaw. Unfortunately, no cast members have been confirmed yet, or even spotted on the set. But today we have new details that claim Jigsaw will in fact be back, with Tobin Bell reportedly involved in a scene with another returning character, Jon Cor's Ryan from Saw 3D. None of these details have been confirmed at this time.

Bloody-Disgusting's source reports that one of the traps in this film will include "some spike strips and motorcycles." As for Jigsaw's return, we don't know how he will be brought back from the dead, but after the photo surfaced of his grave being dug up, it's possible that he is somehow revived to continue his quest to get people to appreciate the life they have. Jigsaw died in 2006's Saw III, but he continued to return via flashback sequences in the rest of the horror sequels in this franchise, Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI and Saw 3D.

In related news, more set photos surfaced from an Instagram user named Alona, who serves as the second assistant camera on the film, which feature a barn that reportedly plays heavily into the story. The source reveals that a majority of the story takes place in the barn seen in these photos, but no further story details have been revealed. It isn't known if Sebastian Pigott's Brad, the other man seen in the opening trap alongside Ryan, will also return. Saw 3D writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan revealed during the Saw 3D commentary track that Ryan and Brad were the two men in the pig masks at the end of of the film. It's possible that both Ryan and Brad are the ones that have dug up John Kramer's grave, perhaps resurrecting him.

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In related news, Charlie Clouser has come aboard to compose the score for Saw: Legacy, closing his deal to return to the franchise earlier this month. The news isn't terribly surprising, since he has composed the score for all seven Saw movies. Here's what the composer had to say below in a statement about his return to the franchise.

"I'm psyched to be scoring the re-invention of the Saw franchise. I think the Spierig brothers can deliver a fresh take on the material that will establish a new story line and new characters that can carry the saga into the future. After a six-year break from the world of Saw, this will be an opportunity for me to re-imagine how I approach the score, and I'll be trying a more stark, bold, and stripped-down approach that will be more in line with the strong vision that the Spierig brothers are bringing to the table."

Peter Spierig and Michael Spierig (Daybreakers, Predestination) are directing from a script by Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger (Piranha 3D). We reported in July that Lionsgate has handed out an October 27, 2017 release date for Saw Legacy, which currently has the date all to itself, although it opens one week after Insidious: Chapter 4, Geostorm and The Mountains Between Us. Shortly after the set images appeared on Instagram they were removed.