'Saw' News

Lionsgate and the American Red Cross Partner for the Saw IV Blood Drive

38,000 pints of blood were previously donated for the Saw 1, 2 & 3 blood drives.

Saw III: Director's Cut Grinds Its Way to DVD October 23

Also, Lionsgate to bring out the Saw Trilogy "in a limited edition 3-D Puppet Head Box."

Evan Jacobs

COMIC-CON 2007 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Darren Lynn Bousman and Tobin Bell on Saw IV!

The director tells us to expect a 'Knife Chair!'

B. Alan Orange

EXCLUSIVE: SAW IV Domestic Teaser Poster!

The one-sheet that Lionsgate debuted today at Comic-Con.

New International Saw IV Poster

Jigsaw is back ... well, sort of...

David Hackl to Direct Saw 5 and Saw 6?

The proposed films to be determined by Saw 4's box office performance.

Saw IV Official Synopsis Revealed

...and a listing of the main cast and characters of the upcoming horror film sequel.

First Official Image from Saw 4!

"See what I see..."

EXCLUSIVE: Darren Lynn Bousman Dishes About Saw IV

Fresh from the shoot, Bousman returns with a few new stories to tell!

B. Alan Orange

EXCLUSIVE: Tobin Bell's First Interview Since Completing Saw IV!

The actor dishes out an exclusive 1-on-1 for the first time since wrapping the latest in the horror franchise!

B. Alan Orange

Saw IV Teaser Art Revealed

Check out the first one-sheet from the upcoming Lionsgate horror film.

Costas Mandylor Returns for Saw IV

Reprising his role as Forensic Hoffman.

Lyriq Bent and Justin Louis Join the Cast of Saw IV

Oh Yes ... There will be more blood!

Tobin Bell Coming Back for Saw 4 & Saw 5

Saw 4 Begins Production on April 16.

Saw Stolen?

Den filmmaker Greg Arce thinks the idea of the film was taken.

Evan Jacobs

Darren Lynn Bousman to Direct Saw IV

Production starts in April for an October release.

Lionsgate Dominates the Charts for Last Week

Studio has 4 titles in the Top 7 DVD releases.

Evan Jacobs

Saw III Slices Up the Charts!

Horror title is No. 1 in both DVD sales and rentals.

Evan Jacobs

More Saw III DVD Details!

Disc to contain three commentary tracks, a bunch of featurettes and deleted scenes.

Evan Jacobs

Saw III DVD Details

Lionsgate will release the scarefest on January 23.