Saw star Tobin Bell is switching hats with his next project and will play the good guy in the screen adaptation of Mark Kidwell's graphic novel Bump, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Bell described his character as a sheriff who has "seen a lot in his day, but never anything like the terrifying, formidable foe he's up against here." Lundy, he added, is "seasoned, tough-as-nails, determined to prevail."

Bell, known as the evil Jigsaw in the Saw series, has been brought on to play the lead role of Sheriff Lundy in the film.

Some financing already is in place for the project, but a production company or distributor is not yet attached, a rep for Bell said.

Buried Alive helmer Robert Kurtzman is set to direct and will bring his expertise in special effects to the film. His makeup and special effects credits include Evil Dead 2.