Scarface director Brian De Palma is re-teaming with star Al Pacino for Happy Valley, a biopic based on the life of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno.

We reported in September that Al Pacino is attached to star in the project, which is based on Joe Posnanski's biography Paterno. The book will look into the coach's life before joining Penn State in 1966, and follow JoePa all the way to the 2011 sex scandal that rocked all of college sports. Joe Paterno was fired after 46 years on the job, for his role in trying to cover up the deviant activities of his defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, who assaulted young boys for decades. Joe Paterno died in January 2012 at the age of 85.

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David McKenna (American History X) is currently in talks to write the screenplay adaptation, with Edward R. Pressman producing. It isn't known when shooting may begin at this time.

Brian De Palma andAl Pacino also made Carlito's Way together in 1993.