Universal Pictures is readying a new version of Scarface, which is not intended to be a remake or a sequel. Martin Bregman, who produced the 1983 Scarface remake, and Marc Shmuger are attached as producers.

The studio is currently seeking out writers for a new take, which would include the gangster elements found in the original 1932 Scarface and the 1983 remake which starred Al Pacino in his legendary turn as gangster Tony Montana.

It is not known where this new version of Tony Montana will hail from. The original Scarface featured Paul Muni's Tony Camonte as an Italian immigrant who rises through the ranks of the Chicago criminal underworld, while the remake featured Al Pacino's Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant who went from rags to riches by muscling in on the Miami cocaine trade.

Ironically, Universal may encounter the same kind of negative reaction with this new version that they faced when remaking the 1932 Scarface, which was directed by Howard Hawks. Despite the initial negative backlash, the Scarface remake went on to become a classic. However, it isn't clear how the movie-going public will react to a new version.