2The Evil Dead 1981

Opening with the voice of a man that sounds like he's on the radio, The Evil Dead trailer works because it simply throws viewers into it. There is no build up, no need to establish characters or story, rather the titles appear (backed by thunderous organ music) and we are left to fend for ourselves. Add to this the images of bloody axes, doors flying open, people crying, and rampant pandemonium that seems to take place inside a tiny cabin and you have a trailer filled with "Oh Sh*t!" moments. When you consider that this thing hit screens in 1983, that makes the effect of The Evil Dead even that more groundbreaking. There is a real sense of horror as we briefly see the characters deal with the situation that has befallen them. We don't have to care too much. We don't have time for moments of nuance. Sam Raimi and Co. seem to be saying, "Hang on tight for less than two minutes and have your minds blown!"