Another year brings many movies to the multiplex. Romantic comedies, action flicks, superhero blockbusters and Oscar Bait. But perhaps most exciting of all are the new horror movies! Making 2016 even more special than past years is the amount of scary thrillers that are continuing stories from this millennium. And if that weren't cool enough, we're even getting an all-new remake from a movie that just came out this past decade.

Horror movies are special because no matter how many times we're scared by something, we can still be scared by the exact same thing again! The fact that we willingly subject ourselves to this is also a curious phenomenon. They have a word for people who put themselves through this type of pain, but for some reason, as far as horror movies are concerned, it is a forgiven practice. In fact, horror movies are probably the only place where people committing really bad behavior is applauded.

So what have we got this year? A Cabin Fever remake. Not bad. Another Amityville Horror film. When one considers how old this franchise is, this might be the most anticipated film on the list (by the Gen X set at least). Rings. More The Conjuring and another The Purge sequel. Bring it on!

With just these films, we would be excited about the 2016 horror movie offerings. Now, we're getting a new Ghostbusters film, a new Ouija film and... The Strangers 2. My fellow film lovers, this is a pretty damn deep horror film bench. Sure, every film isn't going to be a winner, but there seems to be more home runs on this list than foul balls.

So pour yourself some soda, sit back and revel in the devious fun that is our "16 Horror Movies You Can't Miss in 2016" list. Sure, there are many horror movies that could be remade, redone, or otherwise made palatable for the present day. However, it is nice to the see that the genre isn't relying on that formula. Rather, this list has something old, something new, and something for just about anybody that loves to be terrified.

1The Pack - February 5

The Pack

Not since Samuel Fuller's White Dog or Stephen King's Cujo have we been this excited about a dog movie. There's something to be said for a contained horror movie featuring dogs as the villains, as they really can't be contained too easily (unlike humans or supernatural killers that appear easier to evade). The last dog horror movie that I saw was Man's Best Friend, and the trailer for The Pack suggests that this film has that one beat by miles. In the movie, A farmer and his family must fight for survival after a ferocious pack of wild dogs infiltrates their isolated farmhouse. Through a series of frightening and bloody encounters they are forced into survival mode to make it through the night.

2Cabin Fever - February 12

Cabin Fever

Nobody really talks about the other two sequels that came after the first Cabin Fever landed in 2002 (they were 'kinda' good). However, this next installment is exciting because the first one was both funny, serious and downright scary. The other two films weren't bad either, which has us even more pumped for what a reimagining of the first one might bring. Cabin Fever is a direct remake of Eli Roth's original horror classic, though it has been updated with new characters and a few tweaks and surprises. A group of five friends are terrorized at their getaway cabin when a flesh-hungry virus is unleashed. You've probably seen the original. So need we say more?

3The Witch - February 19

The Witch

Black Phillip is poised to be the break out star of The Witch, which promises to be one of the scariest movies of this decade. Robert Eggers slow burn of a horror thriller is already earning big raves. This period piece not only features witchcraft, black magic and possession, but it also manages to make a statement about how certain groups of people are treated in 2016. While not as known as some of the movies on this list, The Witch might be the film that creeps up on all of us, and eternally creeps us out!

4The Final Project - March 4

The Final Project

A found footage movie about students out recording supernatural happenings isn't really anything new. However, The Final Project seems bent on subverting this genre under the guise of being familiar. As we said, this film isn't reinventing the wheel but with striking visuals it certainly seems to be reinventing something we need to see. In the movie, Six college students face a night of terror when they venture deep into the backwoods of Louisiana to film a documentary about a haunted Civil War plantation.

5The Other Side of the Door - March 11

The Other Side of the Door

This movie seems to be part Pet Semetary part The Serpent and the Rainbow. Resurrecting dead children movies can go either way because at some point the parents have to cross a line. What separates The Other Side of the Door is how intricately the plot seems to serve the horror that dominates this film. In the movie, A grieving mother (played by former The Walking Dead star Sarah Wayne Callies) upsets the balance between life and death when she opens a door that serves as a mysterious portal between two worlds.

6Rings - April 1


The tape is back in the this, the third installment in the The Ring series. Alright, one could ask who in the world is using VHS tapes anymore, but we are going to be more optimistic here. This series was AWESOME when it first came out in 2002 and we have a feeling that 14 years later, the third installment is going to keep things terrifying. As of now, we haven't gotten a trailer, and we're not really sure how the story will evolve. But we're sure there will be some very scary surprises in story for this long-anticipated sequel.

7Before I Wake - April 8

Before I Wake

Nightmares mixed with real life have always been great horror movie fare since the days of Freddy Krueger. In this film, it seems like said nightmares emanate from a young child with even less control than the aforementioned boogeyman. Horror movies are often celluloid nightmares, so merging the two appears to have created a movie we might be afraid to go to sleep after viewing. In the movie, A young couple adopt an orphaned child whose dreams and nightmares manifest physically as he sleeps. The casting is also superb here, with Kate Bosworth taking the lead alongside Thomas Jane and Annabeth Gish. And Room breakout star Jacob Tremblay is finally getting his follow up to that dramatic thriller.

Evan Jacobs