Scarlett Johansson has revealed that there isn't really anything that she can do about the "deepfake" adult oriented videos of her on the internet. The AI technology uses Deep Learning as a way to analyze thousands of pictures of a celebrity to get a good representation of all of their facial features. From there, the face can be posted onto somebody else's, which makes for a pretty realistic look. This technology first came into the public consciousness when it was used to innocently place Nicolas Cage into The Raiders of the Lost Ark and other movies.

The deepfake technology has only gotten better over the course of the last year, which has made some pretty humorous videos, like placing Harrison Ford's head over Alden Ehrenreich's in Solo. However, it has also led to some seedy videos that feature famous actresses or singer's faces pasted on to adult film star's bodies. Scarlett Johansson is one of the most famous actresses on the planet, so there are more than a few of the "deepfake" movies featuring her face spread across the internet, some of which have gained over a million views.

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The situation is something that clearly bothers Scarlett Johansson, but as she revealed in a new interview, "There are basically no rules on the internet because it is an abyss that remains virtually lawless," which allows for this type of thing to keep happening. Johansson is just one of many actresses that this has happened to over the last year. While it may bother her, the Avengers: Endgame actress isn't kept up late at night worrying about fans seeing fake videos of her having sex. She explains.

"Clearly this doesn't affect me as much because people assume it's not actually me in a porno, however demeaning it is. I think it's a useless pursuit, legally, mostly because the internet is a vast wormhole of darkness that eats itself. There are far more disturbing things on the dark web than this, sadly. I think it's up to an individual to fight for their own right to their image, claim damages, etc."

Scarlett Johansson boiled it down to the different laws regarding copyright as the true culprit. Just because something in the United States is deemed illegal, that doesn't make it true in say, Germany, who may have a different view on the issue. Jennifer Lopez is currently being sued by a photographer for posting a picture of herself, which was copyrighted, on social media, making for a pretty interesting situation. Johansson continued and had this to say.

"Even if you copyright pictures with your image that belong to you, the same copyright laws don't apply overseas. I have sadly been down this road many, many times. The fact is that trying to protect yourself from the internet and its depravity is basically a lost cause, for the most part."

Scarlett Johansson was recently the target of a phishing scam where a hacker pretended to be someone from Apple in an effort to obtain her personal information. The hacker then went through her pictures saved on the Cloud, finding nude photos and posting them online. He was later found and sentenced to 10 years in prison for the act. However, when it comes to the "deepfake" pornographic videos, there doesn't seem like there's much that Johansson and other actresses can do to fight them at this time. You can read the rests of the interview with Scarlett Johansson over at The Washington Post.