Marvel Studios has been ruling the box office for over a decade. The most recent Marvel Studios film, Black Widow, was delayed multiple times due to the global pandemic. Now, Black Widow, is in theaters leading off Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And people are finding unique ways to celebrate Black Widow. Enter Tik Tok star Kate Johansson.

Kate Johansson bills herself as "Your Scarlett, but closer" and it is easy to see why. Her TikTok is filled with her videos of her dressed up as Black Widow. And when she is dressed up, she is a dead ringer for Scarlett Johansson.

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Holy doppleganger, Batman! I had to look multiple times to make sure I wasn't actually looking at Scarlett's TikTok. The young woman from Russia is using her similarity to Scarlett to generate views. And she is trying hard to get Marvel's attention. Unlike other cosplayers on TikTok, Ekaterina is not being paid to promote Black Widow although she does get the normal monetizing from TikTok.

That does not mean she isn't trying to get Disney and Marvel Studios attention, however! Kate's TikTok page has reached 7.5 million followers solely on her resemblance to Scarlett Johansson's Marvel character. With Black Widow now in the theaters, one can only imagine that her follower total will skyrocket even more over the coming weeks!

With Natasha Romanoff having sacrificed herself in Avengers Endgame, Black Widow is expected to be the last time we see Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, although with superhero movies, anything is possible. Still, Kate Johansson's TikTok page keeps Natasha alive, albeit in a non-canon way.

There is no word on how the Black Widow star feels about her doppleganger but there is no question that Kate is a dead ringer for the actress. It would be very interesting to hear what Scarlett Johansson does have to think about the TikTok star's page.

It is clear that Kate Johansson is having fun cosplaying as Black Widow. And with such an uncanny resemblance to the actress and an attention to detail with the costumes, it is no wonder she has such a following.

Black Widow is a prequel movie focusing on Natasha Romanoff's back story, filling in a lot of details about the character. Having played the character since Iron Man 2, it is no wonder that Scarlett might be ready to move on from the role. And by all accounts, Black Widow gives the actress the closure she needs for the character to be able to retire from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, joining Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Evans as original Avengers who have retired from the Marvel Studios films.

But with a talented cosplayer such as Kate Johansson lighting up TikTok with her amazing work bringing the character of Black Widow to life once more, fans still can watch the beloved OG Avenger even after Scarlett retires. Black Widow is in theaters now. It is also available on Disney+ Premiere Access for an additional charge.