The Good

Anna Faris is comic genius.

The Bad

This movie started off okay and then it just got crummy.

To discuss the plot of Scary Movie 4 would be a bit odd because this film is a mixture of current films, news topics, personalities and everything else. It holds nothing sacred and skewers everything in it's path, occasionally going where nobody else would dare go, and sometimes going too overboard for it's own good. If you want to fully imagine this movie, do an internet search of the top grossing films of 2005 and early 2006. Then do a search of people who made the news during that same time period. While some of the humor works, too much of it doesn't for this film. Sadly, a lot of the humor feels recycled or, even worse, like those moments on Saturday Night Live when a skit isn't working, it's apparent it shouldn't be on the show, but the actors, crew, and everyone else are too in it to realize this.

All in all, Scary Movie 4 is the kind of movie you should rent. As these movies don't really follow each other in any sequel-like sense, you could actually skip this one altogether.


15 Deleted and Extended Scenes and Bloopers

The deleted and extended scenes have a commentary track so you can find out why they were excised. While I didn't see anything here that I thought should have been in the movie, I thought the extended scenes were illuminating because I think we got to see the decision making process in regards to comedy. These are certainly worth checking out. The Bloopers were funny and should have been included in the ending credits of this movie.

The Man Behind the Laugh and Zany, Spoof Humor - Zucker Style

Two cool featurettes that examine the comedic genius of David Zucker. Having grown up on his films like Airplane! and the others, I find that his brand of comedy will never get old for me. Perhaps, if I was younger I might watch Airplane! and not get it (like I witnessed when my friends 9 year old son first watched it), but overall I think his humor is great because it is timeless, as well as genuinely creative and enjoyable.

Interviewer's Worst Nightmare

I have to give the creators of this DVD credit for trying to keep this section within the confines of the movie. The best way to describe this would be to imagine all the supplemental features you have seen where people are interviewed, and then imagine that world being played with. While I didn't laugh a lot, I did find this to be a lot of fun. Unless of course the actors were "in" on the gag.

The Visual Effects of Scary Movie 4

It isn't that I don't take movies like this seriously but I guess, because I am always waiting for the next joke or site gag, that I spend a majority of my time looking for that as opposed to focusing on the "visual effects." However, one glance at this featurette and you realize, "Hey, they really did do some pretty interesting stuff amidst going for laughs." While I don't know that this segment is necessary, it is nice that it's on here.

The Youngbloodz and Rappers... Actors

I am not sure that I understood the point of these commentary tracks other than A) to appeal to a demographic that is going to wonder (like me) why this is on the disc, and B) to bolster the listing of Bonus tracks on this DVD. In a word, to call these redundant and uninteresting would an understatement, I just don't know that I would call them this in that order and to the "rappers" faces, of course.

Feature Commentary with the Filmmakers

This features director David Zucker, writer/producer Craig Mazin and producer Robert K. Weiss. I guess I was expecting some sort of breakdown of the comedic process or something along those lines. Well, like all really successful people, Zucker plays things close to the vest by keeping the comments simple. His producing partners do the same and I got the feeling these guys have a lot of fun just keeping to themselves. This is worth a listen but you should scroll around to get the nuggets here and there.


2.35:1 - Aspect Ratio. One thing I will say about this movie is that probably 95% of the reason why it works as well as it does is because it looks like the movies that it is spoofing. Because of this, it is able to pull of the scenes it does (without any reference to them in the next scene) and viewers are able to follow along with it. From a technical standpoint, even with the many features on this DVD, this movie looked really nice and didn't seem hurt by the compression at all.


Dolby Digital. The audio for this movie is good but there really isn't much about the subject matter that would call for anything that amazing. With a film like this, my litmus test is that I can hear what the characters are saying so that I can laugh at the jokes. Well, if this movie had more jokes (or funny jokes) I would certainly have done more laughing. My lack of laughter had nothing to do with the audio.


This front cover features Jigsaw, Dr. Phil, Shaq, King Kong and the other members of the Scary Movie 4 cast. In fact, to my knowledge this movie theater cover scene is pretty much par for the course for these films. The back gives us a description of this film, some of the images from the movie, a Special Features listing, and technical specs. While this packaging isn't anything to write home about, it stands out and it's brand alone should help it sell many units.

Final Word

Sadly, the Scary Movie franchise seems to have a problem with all of it's even numbered movies. The first and third ones were both highly entertaining and enjoyable, and there was an originality that I want to say made better than 80% of the humor work. For a comedy, that is a darn good percentage. Juxtapose that with the second and third films in the series, and I will say this, for as good as Scary Movie 4 isn't, the second film is atrocious. Better than 70 % of that movie has that bad SNL-type feeling that I spoke about before.

As you can probably guess, that isn't a good ratio and that's what makes Scary Movie 4 a stinker.

Scary Movie 4 was released April 12, 2006.