Scary Movie 4: UK media correspondent 'Addie' recently attended the red carpet premiere of Scary Movie 3 in which he got to talk to the cast and crew about the possibility of a 4th Scary Movie film. Here's what the scooper told Dark Horizons...

"Anna Faris told me that she's signed to do Scary Movie 4 but "they want this one to concentrate on all the comic book superhero movies like Batman, Superman, X-men and so on, and I think there might be some trouble convincing the people in charge of those characters to let them be used for the movie - especially because they're going to be spoofing them - like having Charlie Sheen playing superman and all that

Apparently some of the cast from Scary Movie 3 are signed for four, including Sheen, Regina King and Leslie Nielsen. Faris said everyone, except her, will be playing new characters. Anna said that David Zucker and Pat Proft are doing the new one, and that it'll be going into production hopefully in the Fall.

As for her next movie, she told me that the Wayans brothers are doing a new movie called "White Chicks" with Busy Phillips and Britney Daniels. She'd like to work with them again one day she said, maybe if they come through on a promise that she gets a role in the "White Chicks" sequel.

I asked her if she'd ever like to do a superhero movie herself one day and she said that she'd love to, but the only person she could envision herself playing because she has the right look is lois lane and was convinced that the role had already been taken".

Sty tuned for more on 'Scary Movie 4'...

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.