Comedy titles lend themselves to DVD because actors tend to try a joke a few different ways. According to director David Zucker the DVD of Scary Movie 4 will be no exception.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, Zucker lists out a couple of scenes he thinks might end up on the DVD.

One of those is an extra scene with Michael Madsen who spoofed the Tim Robbins' shut-in in last summers hit War of the Worlds.

"We had a thing where Michael Madsen is about to chop the probe with an axe, and the probe switches the mirror so that Madsen's looking at himself in the mirror and then he's trying to duke himself out in the mirror," the director said.

Also, according to Zucker, in the original ending of Scary Movie 4 the Brenda character (Regina Hall) gets crushed by a huge crate.

"But it didn't get a laugh." Zucker stated, so they shot the current ending in the film.