"I've come back from worse than this!" Says Charlie Sheen as his groin is repeatedly pulled into an open door by an angry ghost. It's a metaphor for not only the actor's career, but also our tolerance for spoof movies. Coming April 12th is Scary Movie 5, which comes four months after A Haunted House. Both movies are parodies of the found footage genre. Both movies feature tabloid worthy cameos. Scary Movie 5 is different in that a great deal of its plot revolves around the now three years old Black Swan, with Ashley Tisdale taking on the Natalie Portman role. It also tackles the Paranormal Activity series. This material seems funnier in Marlon Wayans hands, judging the two trailers side by side. Watch and let us know what you think. Are you team Sheen, Lohan, and Tisdale with Scary Movie 5? Or are you keeping it old school with Team Wayans?