Lindsay Lohan lost her lawsuit against Pitbull for his lyric "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan", which seems to be giving Scary Movie V all the freedom in the world to go after their own star with two questionably hilarious spoof promos. The first is a poster parody of Lindsay Lohan's Elizabeth Taylor Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick, the second is a promo ad for the troubled starlet's very own Ankle Monitor collection. In addition, we also get a handful of new photos from this horror spoof featuring Mike Tyson, Katt Williams and Snoop Lion, as well as the poster parody of Black Swan with star Ashley Tisdale. Will any of them ever recover? Will you?

Liz Hearts Dick Scary Movie V Poster
Lindsay Lohan Ankle monitor Collection photo
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Scary Movie V photo 1
Scary Movie V photo 2
Scary Movie V photo 3
Scary Movie V photo 4
Scary Movie V photo 5
Scar Movie V Black Swan Parody Poster