'Scary Movie' News

Apollo 18 Pushed to January 6, 2012

The Weinstein Company also announced new release dates for Piranha 3DD, Our Idiot Brother, I Don't Know How She Does It and a new video game initiative.

Brian Gallagher

Scary Movie Franchise to Be Rebooted?

It seems that The Weinstein Co. will start the series over from scratch.

Brian Gallagher

Scary Movie Comes to Blu-ray Disc October 23

Badder Santa: The Unrated Version hits the next generation format on November 20.

Evan Jacobs

Scary Movie 4 to Contain Deleted Scenes on DVD

Among the possible additions is the original ending that was scrapped.

Evan Jacobs

Scary Movie 4 Breaks Easter Weekend Box Office Records

Grossing over $41 million.

Brian B.

EXCLUSIVE: Anna Faris Gets Funny in Scary Movie 4

She reprises her role in the fourth installment of the spoof franchise.

EXCLUSIVE: David Zucker Talks Scary Movie 4

The director of the spoof on Anna Faris, Brokeback Mountain, a Scary Movie 5, and Superhero!

New Photos from Scary Movie 4

Get a glimpse into the upcoming spoof flick.

Brian B.

The Scary Movie 4 Trailer Goes Online!

Get a peek at the upcoming spoof film.

Brian B.

Carmen Electra Talks Scary Movie 4

"I'm spoofing the movie The Village..."

Brian B.

Carmen Electra, Leslie Nielsen and Simon Rex Set for Scary Movie 4

The fourth chapter of the spoof franchise will take on horror and superhero movies.

Brian B.

Dr. Phil Talks About Scary Movie 4 from the Set

The doctor talks about his cameo in the film's intro seqeunce with Shaq.

Brian B.

David Zucker Talks 'Scary Movie 4', 'The Naked Gun 4' and more

...Scary Movie franchise moving forward

Justin Case

The official SCARY MOVIE 3 site goes live!

Plus a few new behind-the-scenes set pics...

Brian B.

Brand new SCARY MOVIE 3 clips and trailer!

Tons of new video to download...

Brian B.

New images from ALONE IN THE DARK, ELF, and SCARY MOVIE 3!

A sneak peek inside 3 upcoming films...

Brian B.

Director David Zucker reveals SCARY MOVIE 3's plotline!

Plus the director talks about the Matrix spoof as well as the cameos...

Brian B.

Queen Latifah talks SCARY MOVIE 3!

"If you are not going to be in 'The Matrix,' spoof the hell out of it..."

Brian B.