The latest Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trailer has arrived and it gives us our best look yet at the upcoming horror movie. CBS Films unleashed the new look at the movie and it teases the arrival of the Jangly Man, along with several other familiar faces from the original source material, which is sure to make a lot of fans very happy. The movie is directed by Andre Ovredal and is co-written by Daniel and Kevin Hageman along with Guillermo del Toro, who is also on board as producer.

The Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trailer shows us the origins of the spooky book from the insides of a haunted house. Then, we're shown what happens when its power is unleashed. When a group of kids stumbles upon the book, the stories start to come to life and kids in the small town of Mill Valley start to disappear. If that wasn't enough, some strange and evil monsters are creeping up everywhere. The trailer does a fine job of setting up the movie, which some were a bit skeptical about since the source material is an anthology.

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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark takes place in 1968. Change is blowing in the wind... but seemingly far removed from the unrest in the cities is the small town of Mill Valley where for generations, the shadow of the Bellows family has loomed large. It is in their mansion on the edge of town that Sarah, a young girl with horrible secrets, turned her tortured life into a series of scary stories, written in a book that has transcended time - stories that have a way of becoming all too real for a group of teenagers who discover Sarah's terrifying home.

The Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark cast includes Zoe Colletti (Annie), Gabriel Rush (The Grand Budapest Hotel), Austin Abrams (The Americans), Austin Zajur (Kidding), and Natalie Ganzhorn (The Stanley Dynamic). Dean Norris is also on board alongside Javier Botet, who previously played the titular character in Slender Man, the Leper in the big screen adaptation of Stephen King's IT, and a Wight in Game of Thrones. Botet has been certainly cooking up quite his horror resume over the past few years.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark hits theaters on August 9th, which is a bit before the Halloween rush. The end of the summer release date should be able to scare up some box office gold from adults who grew up on Alvin Schwartz's iconic books and Stephen Gammell's equally iconic illustrations. The books have been banned over the years, but kids keep stumbling upon them, which should also bring some younger audiences into theaters to check out the big screen adaptation. While we wait for August to roll around, you can check out the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trailer below, thanks to the CBS Films YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick