Schindler's List: According to Variety, the Schindler's List DVD will be released for the first time March 9 as part of a 10th anniversary celebration of the formation of the Shoah Foundation and the Oscar ceremony at which the movie won seven Academy Awards, including picture.Steven Spielberg established Shoah after filming "Schindler's List," with the goal of videotaping the testimonies of 50,000 Holocaust survivors and witnesses.

Among the bonus features on the DVD is "The Shoah Foundation Story With Steven Spielberg," a look at the work and accomplishments of Shoah, and a 77-minute doc, "Voices From the List," offering never-before-seen testimonies from the foundation archive of Schindler survivors.

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At the same time, Universal Studios Home Video will release the Shoah Foundation's "Broken Silence" series of five foreign-language documentaries on DVD in approximately 19 countries. The films were directed by distinguished international directors from Argentina, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Russia, and all were produced by James Moll (director of "The Last Days").

The Shoah archive contains nearly 52,000 videotaped interviews collected in 56 countries and recorded in 32 languages. In 2000, the foundation shifted its focus to using these testimonies to educate young people about the dangers of bias and intolerance.

"At a moment in history when many of us around the world feel in danger of being overwhelmed by acts of fanaticism and intolerance, Holocaust survivors and other witnesses in the archive have an important and powerful message to share," said Shoah president-CEO Douglas Greenberg. "When young people see the faces and hear the voices of men and women who suffered what the rest of us can only imagine, they make the connection between history and the moral choices they confront in their own lives."