Welcome to today's edition of Nerd Alert, where we have all the quirky, nerdy news that you crave in one convenient spot. What do we have in store for you on this tremendous Thursday? One father has created possibly the coolest Star Wars helmet ever, Conan breaks down why the Fantastic Four remake failed and an animated Hulk runs a few furious errands. We also have the odd combination of Game of Thrones and minor league baseball. But first we kick things off with every Arnold Schwarzenegger explosion ever. So, sit back, relax and check out all that today's Nerd Alert has to offer.

Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Explosion Ever

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It isn't often that an actor's official YouTube page will present supercuts, but Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't your average actor. The action icon's official https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6NLD9OXnL4|YouTube page put together an immense 31-minute supercut of "every on-screen explosion, from every film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, through 2014." These explosions were, "counted frame by frame based on every instance of an actual explosion," and it seems a lot of work went into preparing this, so the least you could do is watch it, right?

Hulk Runs Angry Errands

A few months ago, Fox's Animation Domination Hi-Def posted a hilarious sketch that showed a furious Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk while running some menial errands. Banner is back with a sequel, showing him Hulk out while having to get his teeth cleaned, a haircut, rotate his tires, get fitted for a tux, and much more.

Conan Ponders Fantastic Four's Failure

By now, you've heard that last weekend's Fantastic Four was a huge bomb at the box office, and the think-pieces are already starting to flood in, trying to figure out who is to blame. On last night's Conan, the talk show host said he was surprised that the movie bombed, because it looked good from the clips. Of course, those clips ended up being from Roger Corman's 1994 version of The Fantastic Four, which was never distributed.

George R.R. Martin Shows Up For Game of Thrones Baseball Game

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin has publicly said that he is cutting back on conventions and other appearances this year so he can finish the long-awaited sixth book in his A Song of Fire and Ice novel series, but even fans impatiently awaiting the book can appreciate this appearance. The minor league baseball team the Staten Island Yankees changed their name to the Direwolves for a special game on Saturday, against the Hudson Valley Renegades, who were renamed the Lannister Lions. The author showed up to sign books from the first 400 fans in attendance, who also received free hats with the Staten Island Direwolves logo. He even took the field with a wolf of his own to speak to the fans in attendance, and the team constructed an Iron Throne made of baseball bats. The game was put together to raise funds for Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in New Mexico. Take a look at more photos from the event, compiled by The Hollywood Reporter.

Star Wars Fan Builds Special Helmets For His Son

Star Wars Infant Helmets

Reddit user Mike Sweeney posted an amazing photo of his friend's infant son, Jack. Jack suffers from congenital craniosynostosis, a condition where his skull becomes prematurely fused. After undergoing surgery, Jack had to wear special helmets to protect his head for one full year, which lead his father to create Star Wars helmets for his son throughout the year. The photo was posted in honor of Jack turning one years old, which marked the last day he had to wear these helmets. I'm pretty sure we have an early Father of the Year candidate right here.

Insane Mad Max Short Film: Roadkill BBQ

With Mad Max: Fury Road still in theaters, the folks at Corridor Digital have put together a gruesome and wonderful short film entitled Mad Max: Roadkill BBQ. This is actually based on the new Mad Max: Fury Road video game, available September 1, and it truly is a sight to behold, but not for those with a weak stomach.

Inception's Hallway Scene Breakdown

The fine folks at Cinefix are back with another installment in their Art of a Scene video series, breaking down the mind-bending hallway scene in 2010's Inception. In a movie filled with controversial head-scratchers, this hallway scene is one of the most iconic in Christopher Nolan's thriller. This 10-minute video is quite precise, even giving fans a bit of history on how Inception was made in the first place.

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