Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines: In a recent interview with The Age, Arnold Scharzenegger spoke about the looming possibility of a 4th Terminator film, and if he would rerprise his cyborg role:

"Is this my last Terminator? No. I've so many more years left," he said. RELATED: Terminator Producer Says Franchise Has Future, Knows What It'll Take to Make It Great

"I'm totally full of energy and thanks to my weight training and cardio-vascular training I'm in great shape.

"I consider this the middle term of my career." And he urged fans: "Go out and see the movie. The more successful the movie is, the faster we can make Terminator 4."

In addtion, a possible new spoiler image is now online over at The Arnold Fans in an upcoming calendar for the film.

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