The Sci Fi Channel has greenlit the big-budget limited series Motel Man, and is teaming with Lost producer Jesse Alexander on Snap, a one-hour thriller about a federal agent up against a Big Brother-type artificial intelligence, says Variety.

Motel Man will serve as Sci Fi's annual tentpole event in December, following last year's The Triangle from Bryan Singer and Dean Devlin and 2004's Legend of Earthsea. The cable channel has committed to Steven Spielberg's 12-part afterlife epic Nine Lives for 2007.

The eight-hour Motel Man, billed as a cross between The Fugitive and The Twilight Zone, follows a detective who discovers a seemingly ordinary motel room key that opens up a portal to alternate worlds, and lets loose a set of mundane objects with mysterious powers.

Production is set to start this summer.

If the limited series Motel Man is successful, the show could be brought back as a regular series, much in the same way that USA Network's The 4400 began as a miniseries and later returned as a recurring show.

Snap is set in a contemporary reality in which artificial intelligence has become autonomous, forcing select individuals to perform actions against their will.